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Oryx (138cm) antelope / gazelle hunting trophy, cape head, taxidermy - Pignolet Gallery

Oryx (138cm) antelope / gazelle hunting trophy, cape head, taxidermy

Large hunting trophy also known as " cape head " of an Oryx (138cm high).
Beautifully made, impressive and very stylish! Very good condition, easy to place (wooden inner support with metal frame, weighing 8kg).
Antique taxidermy brought back from Africa before 1950.
Perfect condition, horns can be removed for easy transport (see photo).

  • Period:Before 1950
  • Country of Origin:Africa
  • Dimensions (H x L x D):138 x 38 x 80 cm
  • Weight:8 Kg
  • Condition:Excellent
  • Price:1850 €

  • Belgium Delivery:50€
  • Other Delivery:On request

  • Oryx:
    A genus of gazelle or antelope in the Bovidae family that lives in Africa, especially in the savannah, as well as in the Arabian Peninsula, where they had disappeared before being reintroduced. Oryx are typically recognised by their long, thin, straight horns pointing backwards, their relatively short mane, their hump on the shoulder and their large hooves. Their coat is fine, white with black, grey and/or brown markings. Both sexes have horns. They have a height at the withers of 81 to 120 cm and a body mass of 65 to 200 kg. Their horns measure between 38 and 127 cm.
    Its name is often confused with the Okapi for reasons of graphic appearance and head colour. The Okapi is the only species of the Okapia genus and one of the last five species of the Giraffidae family...