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Pentti Sarpaneva Turun Hopea Finland for Oy Kumela LTD, smoked brutalist glassware set, ca 1972 - Pignolet Gallery

Pentti Sarpaneva Turun Hopea Finland for Oy Kumela LTD, smoked brutalist glassware set, ca 1972

Set of 12 Scandinavian Brutalist glassware, designed by Pentti Sarpaneva and manufactured by Kumela Glassworks in Finland for the Turun Hopea jewellery company circa 1972.
Hand signed 'Pentti Sarpaneva' or 'PS' and 'Kumela' under the base and labelled 'TH' Turun Hopea (see photos).
The set includes 4 square pieces, one pair, two bronze candlesticks and 6 glasses.
All set in perfect condition.

Pentti Akseli Sarpaneva (1925 - 1978) was a Finnish creator and designer of jewellery and objects. He was born in 1925 in Tampere and graduated from Helsinki Normal High School in 1946. He studied metal art and graphic design at the Finnish Academy of Arts and the Institute of Art and Design.
Sarpeneva's jewellery was initially handmade from enamel and recycled materials. Later, the jewellery was made by casting, using gold, silver and bronze.
In the early 1960s, Sarpaneva began his career as a designer in a studio at Merkkikeskus Sorsa. In 1967, he became a designer at Turun Hopea Oy and worked there as artistic director until his death in 1978 in Turku.
Few articles have been devoted to him in the press, and since his death in 1978 he has remained a person and designer sidelined and overshadowed by his more famous younger brother Timo Sarpaneva, with the exception of the 2013 book Koko kansan korut and the exhibition Pronssitulet - Metall- ja korutaidetta (Bronze Fires - Metal and Jewellery Art) published by WSOY, which highlighted Sarpaneva's work...

  • Creator / Artist / Designer:Pentti Akseli Sarpaneva (1925 - 1978)
  • Signature / Monogram:Signed
  • Issuer / Manufacturer:Kumela Glassworks (Finland) 
  • Mark / Label:Yes
  • Period:20th Century / Mid Century / ca 1972 
  • Country of Origin:Finland
  • Dimensions (H x W x D):15 x 14 x 14 cm
  • Weight:2 Kg
  • Number of components:12
  • Condition:Excellent
  • Style:Brutalist Design
  • Materials:Brass / Glass
  • Price:650 €

  • Pick-up:Free
  • Belgium Delivery:20€
  • France Delivery:30€
  • Europe Delivery:40€
  • Worldwide Delivery:60€