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PIERRE PAULUS, Large ceramic Art Deco African vase, Bouffioulx earthenware stoneware, ca 1930 - Pignolet Gallery

PIERRE PAULUS, Large ceramic Art Deco African vase, Bouffioulx earthenware stoneware, ca 1930

An important Art Deco vase in salted stoneware made around 1930 by the painter Baron Pierre Paulus de Châtelet, assisted by Edgard Aubry (Châtelet Bouffioulx), unique piece.
Signed under the piece, listed in several books (see photos).
Perfect condition.
Provenance: Collection of Baron Pierre Paulus de Châtelet.

On the international market, ceramics from the Art Deco period (from 1925 to 1940) with Africanist decorations are rare, including René Buthaud, Charles Catteau, Eugène and Pierre Paulus... Barely a hundred pieces by the artist are currently known and listed.

Other pieces are available on this site.

  • Artist:Baron Pierre Paulus de Châtelet (1881-1959)
  • Signature:Signed "PP - P.PAULUS, Made in Belgium)
  • Period:20th Century / ca 1930
  • Country of Origin:Belgium
  • Dimensions (H x W):30 x 26 cm
  • Weight:6 Kg
  • Condition:Excellent
  • Style:Art Deco / Africanism
  • Materials:Earthenware / Stoneware
  • Price:3500€

  • Pick-up:Free
  • Belgium Delivery:20€
  • France Delivery:50€
  • Europe Delivery:80€
  • Worldwide Delivery:120€

Pierre Paulus (Châtelet 1881 - Brussels 1959) was first and foremost a great Belgian expressionist painter known as Baron Pierre Paulus de Châtelet. After the death of his brother and ceramist Eugène, he designed and painted vases with Art Deco decorations and African shapes, but he did not turn them, leaving the exceptional Bouffioulx turners (such as Edgard Aubry, "the king of turners") to work in his place. He also produced in the kilns of the Bischoffsheim school in Brussels, where he taught painting, drawing and ceramics.
He took part in numerous exhibitions and was awarded the Grand Prix de l'Exposition for his ceramics at the Exposition des Arts Décoratifs in Paris in 1937.
In 1939, he exhibited in the United States and in 1948 at the Contemporary Belgian Ceramics Exhibition.
Rare works in private and family collections and in some Belgian museums.